Sheri Davis

Demo Reel Sheri Davis

Sheri Davis, actress/producer/director, was born and raised in a small town in Texas. As a child, Sheri was a "tomboy". She grew up riding horses and motorcycles, from an early age. Always a fierce competitor, she was an athlete and honor roll student in high school and earned degrees in psychology and nursing in college.

Sheri dove head-first into many industries in her professional life, learning them from top to bottom and excelling at each one. It was no different when she began acting. After being hired for her talent and look, many filmmakers discovered that with her knowledge and positive attitude, that her talents were being underutilized. Sheri was asked to help produce, cast, and pull together entire films and various other media projects. Her desire to learn and grow led to her working on film crews as well. She's worked on many different productions with differing responsibilities including assistant director, script supervisor, production manager, and more. Armed with her knowledge of the filmmaking process, from the seed of an idea through distribution, Sheri directed her first short film in 2017 titled, "Hair of the Dog", which has won several awards and continues to be in the film festival circuit. Sheri is contracted to direct and produce many more projects. She has just started early pre-production on "Amber Alert" which will be the first installment to her anthology, and already has plans for distribution.

Sheri has made a name for herself in the independent film world, as a very versatile actor who is not afraid to take on any role, as evidenced by her role as Karma Blake in the award-winning, and controversial short film "Snake With A Human Tail". Sheri can be seen in other movies such as "Fall of Grace", "Till Death", and "Voices Thrown Silent". She will also be appearing in the upcoming movies "Lake of Shadows", "Vengeance", "Violence on Demand", "Bryan the RomCom", "Killer Rose", and "The Lightning Man".

Sheri currently resides in the Los Angeles area where she continues to act, produce, and direct.

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